Nancy Childs, Artist



"Nancy Childs' monoprints are captivating, multilayered works, combining organic, naturalistic marks with strong, near-geometric lines in a muted palette that makes the reds, in particular, pop from the image. The handmade paper that serves as ground creates evocative texture." — L. Kent Wolgamott, Lincoln Journal Star, Jan. 23, 2011.

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Featured Series

Two Dark Moons

Assurity Life Show, 2018

"Into the Woods" 2018

Hearts Show, 2018

"Radiance" 2018

Closed Book

A Retrospective of Major Series

"Closed Book" 1990



Nancy Childs, Artist
2451 Park Ave.
Lincoln, NE, 68502-4061, US
P: (402) 202-3237